Posh Hot Chocolate

We put more cocoa in our Hot Chocolate, so it actually tastes of chocolate. It takes us half a day to shine our chocolate beads and hand pack them in our chocolate studio in Byfleet, Surrey.

We are small team of 5 people including:

Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Julio The Chocolatier

Julio makes all our chocolate beads. He is our expert in ensuring our Posh Hot Chocolate beads shine and taste great! When choosing which Sloane’s Hot Chocolate to have he favours the Ecuador 70% with a combination of water and milk!

Julio is from Brazil and is a keen footballer!

Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Mariana Quality Manager

Mariana ensures all our products and processes meet the high quality we and our customers expect. Her favourite Sloane’s hot chocolate is Madagascar for its rich and fruity flavours, made with just hot semi skimmed milk.

Mariana enjoys pampering her little dog and taking her for walks.

Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Jamie The Marketeer

Jamie joined Sloane’s at the start of the 2014 and works part time on developing the brand strategy and managing the website and social media. Her favourite Hot Chocolate is our new Luxury Blend made with hot milk, topped with marshmallows and cream! She also likes adding the chocolate beads to other sweet treats like pancakes and cakes!

Jamie enjoys tap dancing and reading, as well as being Mum to 2 girls.

Sloane's Hot Chocolate

John the Sales Manager

.John The Sales Manager John joined Sloane’s in 2012 and works on developing the sales side of the business.He works closely with our suppliers to make sure everything runs to plan. His favourite Hot Chocolate is Rich Dark made with hot water or cold milk!

John loves travelling, his latest venture was discovering Australia.

Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Brian The Manager

Brian joined Sloane’s in 2012 and works on joining all the parts together to make the business run smoothly. His preferred way to enjoy our posh hot chocolate is savouring Ecuador 70% with a few of our chocolate covered coffee beans on the side.

Brian is a keen player and spectator of most sports.